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Christmas Tree Theme Ideas- Sports Fanatic Tree

Maryland and Arkansas Pennant Ornaments {The Tree Topper (CC BY-NC-ND 3.0)}

Christmas Tree Theme Ideas- Sports Fanatic Tree

For sports oriented families there are many options available for creating a tree themed to your favorite sports and teams. A baseball tree. A track and field tree. A New York Yankees tree. How about your college team? Here are some options for creating your own sports fanatic tree.

I’ll be honest with you. I’m not a sports fanatic. I don’t own any player jerseys nor do I catch games on TV. I’ll go to local games with friends to hang out and politely watch. Okay, I do cheer and groan a little at the games.

I have friends who are fanatics. The recent playoff games involving the Baltimore Orioles and Washington Nationals provided a lot of amusing Facebook status updates. Thus I know how fans are invested in their sports and teams. And many of those fans show their passion by how they decorate their Christmas trees- whether their primary tree or a tree in the man cave.

Start Small and Build a Team vs. Spend Like the Yankees

A great way to build up a stellar collection of tree decorations is to gradually add a few pieces each year over a number of years. You can follow this approach, purchasing a few theme decorations each year, working them in with your current decorations. Eventually you will have two or more sets of decorations to choose from, with the ability to alternate themes between years. Or add another tree. Multiple tree households continue to grow in number.

The other approach is to spend like the Yankees. Go out and purchase an entire set of new decorations for your sports theme tree. This is often an approach when buying a first tree or adding an additional tree to the household. You could also purchase an artificial tree in your team color, discussed later in this article.

Sports and Team Themed Ornaments

Official team stores in your area will carry team ornaments, often having several options from which to choose from. Sport themed ornaments can also be found at Christmas shops, from online merchants, and at local retailers who sell decorations seasonally.

Football Fanatics is an online retailer that offers ornaments for almost all the major sports leagues and collegiate teams. I’m impressed with the diversity in styles; lil’ fans, rivalries, snowmen, and more. Below are some links to the different leagues and images of select ornaments so you can start window shopping. Click the images to enlarge.


Coordinate Generic Ornaments

Themed ornaments such as figures, hoodies, and pennants can be balanced out with generic ornaments in complementary colors. Mixing in generic ornaments keeps the tree from being visually busy and can save you some money on decorations.

Custom Crafted Ornaments

The ornaments don’t have to be store bought. Most ornament craft projects can be adapted to fit in with whatever theme you are going for. This is especially true for paper craft ornaments. Take a look at the listing of how-to articles on The Tree Topper’s Pinterest How To Crafting board for ideas.

You can also order custom ornaments from crafters like Dusty Oak Ornaments who is able to turn a pair of shorts into a fabulous ornament. And remember, sport and team ornaments make great stocking stuffers for athletes and fans.

Dusty Oak Ornaments Custom Team Ornaments {Dusty Oak Ornaments}

Lights and Garland in Team Colors

Lights and garland are other decorations that you can use to create your themed tree. They come in almost every color imaginable. White/clear lights are the most popular and go with anything. But you can also find colored lights to match your team colors.

For example, if you are a LA Lakers fan, you don’t need to deck the entire tree out in gold and purple lights. You can use traditional white lights (which happens to be the color for the Lakers’ alternate uniform) with gold and purple decorations. Or use gold lights and balance the lights with predominantly purple decorations. Or use gold lights with white and purple decorations. Find a combination that suits your taste.

Artificial Trees In Team Colors

Artificial trees are available in many colors, some of which may match your team colors. The Incredible Christmas Place in Pigeon Forge, TN has southern collegiate tabletop trees available on their web site. Treetopia offers a wide selection of colorful trees. And more and more retailers are carrying colorful trees as people learn how to best decorate them.

Coley of Coley’s Corner created an awesome little orange Clemson University tree for her son Noah. You can follow her bold lead. Or you could be more subdued using a white artificial tree, as shown by the Washington Redskins tabletop tree shown below.


Redskins Christmas Tree {Unknown}

The Tree Topper

Be creative when topping the tree. A team cap or helmet can work great as tree toppers. Player Bobbleheads are more difficult, but can be lashed to the top vertical branch. Be mindful of fire hazards- especially with paper and cloth materials next to hot lights.

Be Creative!

Be creative when planning out your tree. If you cannot find traditional decorations that fit your theme then improvise. Key chains, small toys, and jewelry can be repurposed into decorations. Enjoy showing off your team spirit, while hopefully commemorating a few championships.


I have a sales affiliation agreement with Fanatics. If you follow the links above and make a purchase The Tree Topper receives a small portion of the sale. This income helps pay for the cost of running this site and, maybe, in the future produce more original content including photo books and videos. I choose to affiliate with Fanatics after seeing their vast collection of sports themed ornaments and their overall positive standing on Epinions.