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About The Tree Topper

Hello and welcome to The Tree Topper

Thank you for visiting The Tree Topper®. My name is Darian and I created and operate this Web site.

What is this web site about?

I created this Web site to assist you in the art of decorative trees. All too often tree decorating is treated as a chore with the result, while nice, not being as beautiful or as meaningful as it could be. To help people you create better trees, I provide information and inspiration that will empower you to create spectacularly decorative trees.

Who is Darian?

In high school I was a photographer for the school newspaper and production intern at the local public television station. Then in college I studied computer science and led the construction of the student run campus cable television station. After college I worked first in television production and then in web design and development. Along the way I’ve held the roles of graphics artist, photographer, editor, and more. I’ve made some friends, won some awards, and overall enjoyed the work.

I am currently employed as a system and solution architect. That means I figure out how to make computer hardware and software best work together. I’ve lived and worked in Washington, DC for just over ten years. That is DC proper; taxation without representation, security details closing streets, and all the other quirks of being a resident of the U.S. capital.

I am a bit of a geek (a person with an eccentric devotion to a particular interest) on many topics including art, computers, and photography. You will see those interests spill over here on The Tree Topper.

Why decorative trees?

While I enjoy my day job of working with enterprise computer systems, it is not an incredibly creative or fun job. I’ve been looking for a side project that would allow me to exercise some of my other more creative talents.

While dating a former girlfriend she rekindled my interest in creative design tied with problem solving. I had the pleasure of collaborating with her on a uniquely elegant Christmas tree. Decorative trees are a bit of art and science, so the topic stuck me as an opportunity. And I prefer beautiful trees to ugly ones.

What’s in this for you the reader?

You get to find out about beautifully creative trees, tree skirts, lights, garland, ornaments, and more. I get to meet talented artists, discover interesting decorating tips, and provide all of this to you using ever evolving technologies. It is a win-win situation.

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