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St. John Christmas Ornament By Diane { (CC BY-NC-ND-3.0)}

Handcrafted Souvenir Ornaments from the U.S. Virgin Islands

A fun activity to do when you travel is to purchase souvenir Christmas ornaments from locations you visit. Then when you decorate your tree each year you can enjoy the memories. This can be even more special when the ornaments are unique creations by far away artists. This post will look at the work of three such artists in the U.S. Virgin Islands and their mass produced competitors.

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The Christmas Attic, Alexandria, VA {The Tree Topper, (CC-BY-NC-ND-3.0)}

Christmas in July in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia

How do you know Santa is arriving on Union Street in Old Town Alexandria when he leaves the sleigh and reindeer back at the North Pole? Instead of the jingling of sleigh bells you hear him playing his bagpipes. That’s just one of many interesting things that happened at the third annual Christmas in July Celebration this past Saturday.

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Angel {Heather Brockway Miller on Facebook (Copyright 2011)}

Preventing a Calamity- Young Children, Pets, and Christmas Tree Safety

As beautiful and fun as holiday decorations are, they pose hazards to our young children and beloved pets. New “toys” are tempting targets for our toddlers and pets. Here are a few safety tips to protect kids, pets, and trees from each other.

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drip. run. achoo. blow. {William Brawley on Flickr (CC BY 2.0)}

How to Avoid Christmas Tree Allergies

One year my friend Josh came over to help put up my Christmas tree. Unfortunately the process triggered Josh’s allergies and he was sneezing within an hour. Not having allergies myself, I had no idea of the hazards artificial and natural trees pose to people with to allergies. This post covers how both types of trees can trigger allergies and the steps you can take to minimize the onset of allergic reactions.

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Store Ornaments {Hey Paul on Flickr (CC BY 2.0)}

Pros and Cons of Buying Christmas Decorations Online

Having started The Tree Topper in early 2012, I had few options on where to go to obtain Christmas ornaments. While there are several shops in the Washington, DC area that specialize in Christmas merchandise year round, they carry mostly specialty decorations. For the generic items such as trees, garland, and lights I had to turn online stores. This post will share some of the lessons I learned.

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Glitter {oxcnpxo on Flickr (CC-BY-2.0)}

How to Clean Up Glitter and Tree Needles

Ah, pretty glitter. The closest thing us mortals will have to fairy dust. Glitter gives tree ornaments and gift wrap an extra kick of sparkle. But it is also the most infuriating substance to clean up, followed closely by tree needles. In this post I’ll give you eight tips to tame the tiny terrors.

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Young Darian with Family Christmas Tree {The Tree Topper, (CC BY-NC-ND 3.0)}

The Tree Topper- Genesis

When I created The Tree Topper I decided that there were three core objectives; to inspire, enable, and engage with you the readers. I knew I would not succeed in any of these areas unless I appeared authentic by sharing my background and motivation. This post tells a bit of the genesis of The Tree Topper.

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