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Wiring A Bonsai {The Tree Topper (CC BY-ND-NC 3.0)}

National Bonsai & Penjing Museum Workshop: Bonsai Basics with Tropicals

On Saturday I visited the National Bonsai & Penjing Museum at the United States National Arboretum here in Washington, DC. In addition to seeing the collection of bonsai and penjing, I viewed the special exhibit Becoming a Bonsai and dropped in on their workshop Bonsai Basics with Tropicals. The exhibit and workshop complemented each other well as both showed how bonsai are created.

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The Sniff Test {Keep Home Simple (2012)}

The Secret Ingredient for Your Decorative Tree

You think you have everything accounted for. The perfect tree, sparkling lights, spectacular ornaments, undulating garland, a flowing skirt, and a topper that is truly a pièce de résistance. But you forgot the one thing that will be noticed by your guests before they enter the room.

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ot Seventies Pink Lapels at DVF {Danielle Meder (2013)}

The Future of Illustration Design Tools

I don’t recall exactly how I entered Danielle Meder’s sphere of influence. It must have been the gravitational pull generated by her creativity. Last week Danielle was quoted in an article by Wired magazine on the topic of technology’s impact on fashion illustration. As a technology geek I’d like to take her thoughts to the next level.

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Metropolitan Museum of Art Cloisters Gift Shop Ornaments {The Tree Topper (CC BY-NC-ND 3.0)}

Metropolitan Museum of Art Cloisters Unicorn Tapestry Ornaments

This past weekend I visited Manhattan with Nona. While there I paid my first visit to The Cloisters museum and gardens. It is a branch of The Metropolitan Museum of Art devoted to the art and architecture of medieval Europe. While Nona was making her usual rounds in the gift shop she pointed out a collection of ornaments featuring and inspired by the museum’s collection of Unicorn Tapestries.

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Christmas Tree Nursery Planting {Jones' Family Farms (2012)}

The Christmas Tree Tax That Still Isn’t

With declining sales of natural Christmas trees, a majority of growers and importers of the trees decided to fund a promotional program to counter the popularity of artificial trees. They chose to do so using the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s “checkoff” program. Combined with partisan politics and anti-government sentiment, this has erupted in a controversy that is raging on for a second year.

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Shaking a Fresh Cut Natural Christmas Tree {Schragville (2012)}

Before You Bring a Natural Tree Inside

Fearful of bringing into your home a natural tree filled with hitchhiking pests? While possible, know that tree vendors practice pest control on the farm and at garden centers. If you are still concerned, here are a few steps you can follow for your own peace of mind.

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Kids and Christmas Trees {Tarheel (2012)}

Planning Tips for a Living Christmas Tree

Did you forget that today is Earth Day and this Friday is National Arbor Day? Then grant yourself an extension for both by celebrating this December with a living Christmas tree.

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John Cleese {Sage Magazine (2011)}

John Cleese’s Five Factors for Creative Thinking

Are you having trouble being creative? Then try these tips from John Cleese.

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Cherry Blossom Collage {The Tree Topper (CC BY-NC-ND)}

Can you tell each of Washington, DC’s thirteen varieties of cherry blossom trees apart?

There are hundreds of varieties of cherry blossom trees in the world. Do you know how to tell the difference between them?

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Ornamental Trees {The Tree Topper (CC BY-NC-ND)}

Four Popular Ornamental Trees You Should Be Enjoying This Year

It is early spring here in Washington, DC and the cherry blossoms are expected to reach peak bloom this week. This has me wondering if you have your own ornamental trees to enjoy. If not, what not?

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