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Category Archive for: ‘Behind the Scenes’

Saul Bass

Saul Bass: I Want To Make Beautiful Things

American graphic designer Saul Bass revolutionized opening title sequences of movies and the aesthetics of corporate logos. In this video clip he discusses his passion for making beautiful things.

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Darryl Moland {The Decorated Tree}

Artist Profile: The Decorated Tree

The Decorated Tree is a passion of Darryl Moland. As a teenager he started decorating Christmas trees and as an adult he creates deeply moving trees for every season. His book, The Decorated Tree, would be at home on any coffee table, provided the home is as stylish and elegant as the trees featured within. This year Darryl moved beyond decorating trees and now has a tree he designed that is made by Dennis Bauer for

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Lianne and Paul Stoddard of Swirly Designs {Swirly Designs (2013

Artist Profile: Swirly Designs

Swirly Designs is the husband and wife team of Lianne and Paul Stoddard that produce hand crafted ornaments for all seasons. From their home studio in Reading, MA they create the most wonderfully whimsical ornaments using polymer clay. I had the pleasure to interview them, finding out more about their creative process.

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Pot Pie in Her Cat Tree {The Tree Topper (CC BY-NC-ND)}

Pot Pie’s Playhouse

Happenstance led Nona’s cat Pot Pie to acquiring a new playhouse. A 4.5 foot cat tree that allows her to lord over Nona’s apartment, and therefore get coverage in my blog. Read on to learn more of Pot Pie and cat trees.

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Intergalactic Fire and Ice Christmas Tree 1.0 Medium Shot {The Tree Topper (CC BY-NC-ND)}

Intergalactic Fire & Ice Christmas Tree Version 2.0: Planning the Tree Skirt

Last year’s Intergalactic Fire & Ice Christmas Tree was my first formal effort at designing a Christmas tree for featuring on The Tree Topper. I encountered many problems and the results were not up to my standards. While it is a beautiful tree, it can be better. Much better. For example, it needs an equally amazing tree skirt.

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ot Seventies Pink Lapels at DVF {Danielle Meder (2013)}

The Future of Illustration Design Tools

I don’t recall exactly how I entered Danielle Meder’s sphere of influence. It must have been the gravitational pull generated by her creativity. Last week Danielle was quoted in an article by Wired magazine on the topic of technology’s impact on fashion illustration. As a technology geek I’d like to take her thoughts to the next level.

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Christmas Tree Nursery Planting {Jones' Family Farms (2012)}

The Christmas Tree Tax That Still Isn’t

With declining sales of natural Christmas trees, a majority of growers and importers of the trees decided to fund a promotional program to counter the popularity of artificial trees. They chose to do so using the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s “checkoff” program. Combined with partisan politics and anti-government sentiment, this has erupted in a controversy that is raging on for a second year.

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Desert Bus 6 Thank You Note Front and Patch {The Tree Topper (CC BY-NC-ND 3.0)}

$400 Raised for Desert Bus for Hope 6

Last year I created three strings of test tube Christmas/party lights for the Desert Bus for Hope 6 charity fundraiser. Two sets of lights were auctioned off, raising $400. Another set was given away during the event.

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Pantone Color of the Year 2013-Emerald 17-5641 {The Tree Topper (CC BY-NC-ND 3.0)}

Pantone Color of the Year 2013: Emerald

On December 6, 2012 Pantone announced that the 2013 Color of the Year would be emerald, specifically PANTONE 17-5641 Emerald. It is self-fulfilling prophecy, as Pantone is viewed as an expert on color in the graphic design industry. The Pantone Color Matching System has allowed for the faithful reproduction of color across products and processes, particularly in the printing industry, for over 50 years.

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