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Dread Pirate Morgan Seeareelem On Flickr CC BY SA 2.0

Christmas Tree Theme Ideas- Disney Style Pirate and Princess Trees

Dave Caranci, Manager of the Decorating Department at Disneyland Resorts, shows how to create Disney style pirate and princess Christmas trees.

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Ray Bradbury Halloween Tree Disneyland Frontierland Armadillo444 On Flickr CC BY NC 2.0

Be Inspired by Ray Bradbury’s Halloween Tree at Disneyland

“The Halloween Tree” is fantasy novel written by Ray Bradbury, published in 1972 and produced as an animated television movie in 1993. The story involves young friends who learn about the origins of Halloween as they go on an adventure to save their friend Pip. It was 35 years after the novel was published, on Halloween night, that Disneyland dedicated their version of The Halloween Tree to Ray Bradbury. This outdoor tree may inspire you to create your own Halloween tree to greet Trick-or-Treaters.

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